Bitumen Systems Installation

CORMAC Engineering is experienced in asphalt plant relocation, please contact us for more details.

Whether you need a vertical, horizontal or stirrer bitumen tanks and its associated system, there is a degree of expertise needed to put it into place.  Bitumen system installation is best undertaken by an expert and here at Cormac Engineering, we can offer not only our great range of products but also our expertise in installing the system you choose.

We have worked around the work supply and installing bitumen tanks and their components travelling as far as Africa and the Middle East.  We have also worked with numerous companies around the UK.  This means there is virtually no system and situation we don’t have experience with and are here to apply that knowledge to your needs.

We can supply the best tanks as well as associated equipment personalised to exactly what you need and can then install them anywhere you need.  Being up to date on all the latest laws and regulations, we can also ensure that your system will be safe, efficient and comply with all necessary regulations.

By making use of our services, you can effectively remove the randomness from the job – someone on your staff may know a bit about installing bitumen systems but we know everything.  Don’t risk your workers and your equipment by settling for anything less than the best.


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