Asphalt Plant Relocation

CORMAC Engineering is experienced in asphalt plant relocation, please contact us for more details.

Just like the initial installation, asphalt plant relocation shouldn’t be undertaken by someone who isn’t qualified in the building and reassembling of these complex pieces of machinery.  Rather than risk a terrible accident or a malfunction in the equipment, why not hire an expert to do the job for you?

Cormac Engineering pride themselves in offering the fullest service to their customers.  We sell new and second hand asphalt plants among other essential equipment.  We also offer our installation services so that customers need not worry about the correct erecting of the equipment.  And should the plant need to be moved to another location, we can also assist with this. 

Some customers can use smaller, mobile plants that can go from one site to another.  But for those that need larger plants, then relocation is the only option.  When a job finishes and the plant is needed at another site, get in touch with us and we can use our expertise and experience to ensure the plant relocates with the minimum disruption and loss of use.

Don’t leave it to chance that your prized asphalt plant goes back together as good as it was beforehand – get the help of an expert to do the job for you.  We also are compliant with all the latest regulations so we can ensure that when your plant is in its new location, there will be no problems with it from a health and safety or compliance standpoint.


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