Asphalt Plant Installation

CORMAC Engineering is experienced in asphalt plant installation, please contact us for more details.

Asphalt plants are made up from a range of different components from the cold aggregate supply system to the dust collector and the hot aggregate elevator or a combination of other elements.  Whatever parts are needed, asphalt plant installation is best undertaken by an expert and here at Cormac Engineering, we are just that.

Because we sell the asphalt plants, we know how to assemble them.  We understand all the different parts required to make the asphalt plant that you need for your business so therefore we understand the technical specs and how to put them all together.

Whether the plant you want installing is a permanent fixture, a temporary one for a limited period of time or even a mobile unit that needs to be assembled before moving to its work location, we have the knowledge and experience to do it.  we are also up to date on all the latest health and safety regulations relevant to the sector so we can advise you on safe working practises to ensure that the asphalt plant not only works to its optimum but that employees are as safe as possible around it.

Contact Cormac today to discuss what you need and let us find the perfect solution for you – and then assemble it to take all the stress from the job.


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