Marini Asphalt Plant Sweden

The highest level of roads in Sweden are called the national roads and are numbered from 1 to 99 with the lower numbers to the south of the country and the higher ones to the north.  Some of these roads continue into neighbouring countries and are high quality roads.  The network covers over 8,500 km and is publicly owned by the government while being administered by the Swedish Transport Administration.

The smaller roads in the country are called the county road and number from 100 upwards.  These too are administered by the Swedish Transport Administration for the government and cover over 82,000 km.  they are divided into three categories – primary, secondary and tertiary county roads. 

Due to the amount of seasonal snow that the country experiences annually, priority to clearing roads is given to the national roads.  This ploughing and salting means that the roads are in need of regular repair and for companies undertaking to bid for these contracts, a good quality asphalt plant is crucial.

The Marini Asphalt plant in Sweden is a good option due to the range of plants available as well as their automatic compliance with relevant standards and regulations within the country.  From mobile plants through to large horizontal or vertical plants, the Marini range offer a perfect solution for every job.


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