Marini Asphalt Plant Norway

If you are travelling around Norway, then the first roads you will likely encounter are the national roads.  These are some 27,00km of roads that account for over 29% of the road network and these are administered partly by the counties and partly by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

All of these national roads have an asphalt concrete cover apart from some that have a special status.  The change to this system took place as part of a government plan that finished in 2003.  This means that any company working for the Norwegian government or the counties will need use of asphalt plants to be able to work on the national roads.

The Marini asphalt plant in Norway is a popular option for these kind of contracts.  The longest national road in the country, the E6, covers over 2600km which means that repair and maintenance contracts can involve long distance travelling.  For this reason, the mobile asphalt plant is one popular option.

In addition to the national roads, Norway has a second tier road network known as the county road.  These are maintained by the local counties and there are around 54,000 km worth of these crossing the country.  Therefore, any contracts in country could involve working on a mixture of national and county roads for any given Norwegian county.


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