Marini Asphalt Plant Holland

Holland boasts one of the densest road networks in the world, even denser than nearby countries such as France and Germany.  There are over 139,000 km worth of roads with 3,500 km of motorways or expressways at a density of 64 km per 1000 sq. km. 

The majority of the national roads are controlled by the central government while the twelve provinces of the country are in charge of the provincial roads.  Municipality roads make up the bulk of the network, over 120,000 km and are mostly local roads.

The combination of the large number of roads crossing the country and a high usage by the population, there is a constant need for work to be done to maintain the network.  Three quarter of journeys done in the country are done by road, putting a huge strain on the physical makeup of these roads.

For companies who are bidding for contracts within the country, the Marini asphalt plant in Holland is a popular choice.  Compliant with all the EU regulations for this type of equipment, these plants come in a range of specifications to undertake any size of project.  Whether a small scale, moving road repair project or a major new build, the plant can be tailored to the needs of the business, keeping costs down and ensuring there are no compliance issues to worry about.


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