Marini Asphalt Plant Belgium

The road network of Belgium comes under the administration of the regional authorities so a road that runs through Flanders will be managed by the Flemish government while the Brussels government will handle the roads in Brussels.  This can lead to confusion where different languages are used on the road signs expending on the region in question!

The network itself is made up of highways, national roads also known as regional roads and the communal roads or streets.  There are 152,000 km worth of roads, of which 119,000 are paved and 33,000 are unpaved.  The network has seen sporadic attempts to upgrade it in recent decades with older roads being downgraded and attempts to upgrade other roads.

Highways or motorways are designated with a letter ‘A’ and a number while the international E-road network system is also used.  Therefore, the A1 from Brussels to Antwerp and Breda is at the same time the E19.  Ringways that circle the big cities are designated with the letter ‘R’ while national roads are designated ‘N’.

This large road network and its periodical upgrades means there are often contracts available for companies within the country.  While not as big a country as its neighbours, Belgium is big enough to mean mobile plants are a good option for most of these project.  The Marini asphalt plant in Belgium is chosen because it complies with relevant regulations from the EU and is available in a mobile option for projects spread around the country.


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