Asphalt Plant Wales

There are two types of asphalt plants in Wales that are currently the most commonly used – horizontal and vertical.  At Cormac Engineering, we can provide both versions but many of our customers in the country are currently switched to the horizontal tank.  But why?

One of the primary reasons that horizontal tanks are proving to be very popular at the moment is because we use a submerged bitumen pump.  This means that the pump requires little or no maintenance because it is constantly coated in bitumen, dramatically lengthening its lifespan and reducing the wear of moving parts. 

Our tanks come in a range of sizes and can be heated with a variety of means including steam, electricity or direct oil fired burner.  Even submerged, the tanks still have the same level of insulation to prevent heat loss and making them highly energy efficient.  This in turn means they are very cost effective to run.  Our tanks also include audio visual alarms to allow the safest operation in compliance with all the latest codes and specifications.

Regardless of whereabouts in Wales you are based, we can provide you with the perfect asphalt plant.  And should your business entail moving from one location to another, we can also provide mobile bitumen tanks that are qualified to the highest road specification and can operate anywhere in Wales or around the UK.


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