Asphalt Plant Scotland

When working on a project needing asphalt around Scotland, one of the biggest issues can be the distance from your base of operations to the location that the work is being done.  One of the best ways to conquer this issue is to use mobile asphalt plants in Scotland so that the distance from your base doesn’t cause a problem.

Mobile asphalt tanks use electricity to heat their contents and also have a self-contained unit that uses a direct fired burner and a generator unit.  Elements such as a pump unit and metered value can also be added when needed.

With all the asphalt plants from Cormac Engineering, the tanks are fully compliant with all EEC regulations and the mobile tanks are road compliance as well as having the very best ABS braking system.  These tanks can hold up to 50,000 litres while remaining fully mobile.

So no matter where in Scotland you are working and what the nature of the project you are working on, we can help by providing a mobile bitumen tank to follow you to your location.  Added to that we also provide a range of vertical and horizontal tanks if you work in the same location for a long period of time and also stirrer tanks for special mixtures.


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