Asphalt Plant Northern Ireland

If you are operating a terminal or process plant that has a need for bitumen storage, then here at Cormac Engineering, we can meet your needs.  We have fitted asphalt plants across Northern Ireland in many different types of locations and to suit many different needs.

One of our most popular products are vertical bitumen tanks.  These come in sizes as small as 5m3 and as large as 250m3 as well as heating through a range of different methods including oil, gas and electricity.  Due to the high density insulation used on the tanks, they are energy efficient and cost effective to run, as there is virtually no heat loss.

While the quality of product we produce is the highest available, things can always go wrong and for this reason, our tanks also feature the best audio visual alarms to the code of the practise standards of the Refined Bitumen Association.  Each tank also has a 10% additional capacity to cover any overflow.  And while problems are extreme rare, being prepared for them is an integral part of our ranges.

Vertical tanks take up little room, are efficient to run and are loaded with safety features but may not be the perfect fit for your location.  Therefore, why not check out our horizontal tanks, stirrer tanks or if you are a mobile operation, our mobile tanks?  No matter what type of asphalt plant you need, we will have a solution for you.


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