CORMAC Engineering is internationally known as a leading manufacturer of dredging equipment.

CORMAC Engineering's comprehensive package is totally flexible to suit any customers exact requirements and covers feasibility work, design, supply, project control, installation, commissioning and management.

In a dredging system, the draghead is the first part of the system to come into contact with the material to be dredged.  Therefore, the quality of the draghead has a direct correlation to the efficiency and effectiveness of the dredging project.  A poor quality draghead will mean the job doesn’t go as planned and will cost more money in the long run.

By using an experienced and knowledgeable supplier such as Cormac Engineering, you can be certain that the dragheads that you purchase are the right ones for the job and the equipment that you want to use.  We have worked extensively around the world and know the types of problem a dredging project here in the UK and further afield may run into.

The benefits of a good quality draghead speak for themselves.  You can achieve optimal draghead bottom contact as well as gaining the maximum use of the vacuum with minimal resistance in the flow.  There is less chance of a blockage and you get the best possible wear ratio on the equipment, optimising production.  Good quality dragheads are designed to be easy to maintain and mean that they have maximum durability and longevity, saving you money over the time that they last.


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