Bitumen Storage Tanks Wales

For bitumen storage tanks in Wales, one of the most popular options is a horizontal tank and it is for this reason that CORMAC Engineering now have a wide range of sizes available.  We can offer tanks that range from 5m3 right up to 200m3 and that can be heated by a variety of means including direct oil fired burner, gas, electricity, steam or even by thermal fluid transfer. 

One of the biggest benefits to a horizontal tank is the ability for it to be submerged.  This means that the tanks need very little maintenance as they aren’t exposed to the elements and wear on moving parts is also reduced.  The tanks are still insulated to the same level as all our other tanks, meaning that they remain extremely cost effective to operate and are very energy efficient. 

As well as horizontal tanks, we also offer vertical tanks to the same size and specifications and for the business that needs to move their tanks around, we also provide mobile tanks.  This means that if a job is in a different location to your base of operations, the tank can be taken there and all the tanks are compliant with the latest EEC road regulations.  Finally, for bitumen products that require additives, we also offer stirrer tanks to keep the product moving and mixed.

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