Bitumen Storage Tanks Scotland

When working in Scotland, it is often the case that a job can involve travelling a considerable distance from your base of operations.  For this reason, CORMAC engineering now offer a range of mobile bitumen storage tanks for Scotland that can solve this problem.

Our mobile storage tanks can be completely mobile and still hold up to 50,000 litres.  Most companies offer an electrically powered tank but we have also added a self-contained unit that uses a generator unit and a direct fired burner.  This means that even the availability of electricity is no longer an issue when using these tanks.  The chassis is also designed to accommodate a pump unit and even a metering valve should your requirements need it.

All of our tanks comply with the current EEC road regulations and comes with the latest ABS braking system for added safety.  In addition to the mobile storage tanks, we also offer a large range of both vertical and horizontal tanks so no matter what your size requirements are, we have a suitable tank.  Our stationary tanks also have a range of different power options from electricity to steam, meaning that what works best for your business location can work best for your tank.  We can even provide stirrer tanks if you need bitumen with additives and constant movement.

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