Bitumen Storage Tanks Northern Ireland

When businesses need to use additives with their bitumen, a special kind of storage tank is required and at CORMAC Engineering, we offer the perfect product for this need.  We are known across Northern Ireland for bitumen storage tanks and now have added to this a range of stirrer tanks.  These ensure that the product is continually mixed and stand horizontally for maximum effectiveness.  Our range operates from 10m3 up to 25m3 and are heated by a thermal oil jacket.  In addition, a control system means that both temperature and volume can be controlled to the smallest degree and the tanks also contain the regulatory safety equipment to protect you and your staff.

In addition to stirrer tanks, we also offer a range of larger tanks in both horizontal and vertical styles.  Horizontal tanks have become popular of late due to their ability to function underground, lessening maintenance costs and lengthening the life of moving parts as they are protected from the elements.  As well, for the business that needs to work across different sites, we offer mobile storage tanks that use the latest safety equipment including ABS brakes to create a mobile facility that is as safe as a non-mobile version.

No matter what part of Northern Ireland your business is located in and what your storage tanks requirements are get in touch today and we can find the solution that perfectly fits your business and your budget.

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