Bitumen Storage Tanks England

CORMAC Engineering offer a range of bitumen storage tanks in England and one of the most popular types are the vertical tanks.  These tanks range in size from 5m3 to 250m3 and have a variety of different heating methods including steam, oil, gas, electricity and even by thermal oil transfer.  We pride ourselves on the energy efficiency of the tanks we offer as each comes fully insulated, ensuring that the minimum amount of heat is lost.

Our satisfied customers include sites across England where we have provided bulk storage for terminals and processing plants as well as smaller tanks for a wide variety of businesses.  In addition to our range of vertical tanks, we also have facilities to provide horizontal tanks and even mobile versions that allow customers to move the tanks to whatever location they require.  We understand that a job isn’t always just in the one place and these mobile tanks are ideal for this.

The final element of our tanks range are stirrer tanks, recognising the need for products that are mixed with additives and need to be kept constantly on the move.  So no matter what your bitumen storage needs are, we will be able to match you up with the correct storage tank that will suit your business and be the most energy efficient and simple to operate tank possible.

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