Bitumen Horizontal Tanks

CORMAC Engineering manufacture a range of horizontal bitumen, emulsion and special binder tanks in sizes ranging from 5m³ to 200m³ which can be heated by steam, direct oil fired burner, gas, electricity or thermal fluid transfer. The major benefit of horizontal tanks is the opportunity to use CORMAC Engineering submerged bitumen pumps. The submerged pump requires little to no maintenance as it is always submerged in bitumen which acts as a lubricant thus prolonging life by reducing wear on moving parts. The tanks all come fully insulated with high density insulation, normally 225mm thick giving a minimal heat loss, thus, making our tanks very cost effective and energy efficient. The specification includes high and ultimate high audio visual alarms in response to the Refined Bitumen Association code of practice which also recommends 10% additional capacity to reduce the possibility of any bitumen overflow.

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