Asphalt Plant Components

CORMAC Engineering's Asphalt Plant Components solutions include:

Components from Cormac

There are a number of asphalt plant components that make up the various types of equipment many businesses use around the world.  Like any component, over time, these can become worn or may break down.  It may simply be that there is a newer, more efficient version available that the business wants to upgrade to.  Whatever the case, Cormac Engineering can offer their assistance in finding the right components.

We are experts in asphalt plants and this also means we know all about the components that they are composed of.  When it comes to replacing these elements, we can offer our expertise and knowledge to find the right solution for you.  And should the situation warrant a complete replacement of the plant, we offer both new and second hand options to consider.

Whether you are looking for components for a hot storage, for dryers, fabric filters or even filler silos and fuel tanks, we have the equipment you need or can source it for you.  Everything we sell conforms to the various regulations around the world so that no matter where the project you are working on is based, the plant will comply with the laws there.

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