2nd Hand Asphalt Plant

CORMAC Engineering's have a number of 2nd hand asphalt plant including:

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Here at Cormac Engineering, we pride ourselves on the range of asphalt plants that we have on offer.  We also recognise that sometimes, a business doesn’t want to make the major investment into a brand new plant.  This is where our range of 2nd hand asphalt plants can come in to solve the problem.

We have a large range of asphalt plants available that have been used and then renovated to be almost as good as new.  These are more cost effective than a brand new plant while still offering all the same features.  We currently have a number of different models available including from top brands such as Parker, Marini and Benninghoven.  These include mobile tanks such as the Parker M457 Super Blackmobile and the Marini Roadster 1500.

We also offer a range of 2nd hand bitumen tanks including horizontal tanks with a variety of different capacity and also vertical tanks.  This means again if a business doesn’t want to invest the money in a brand new tank, then the used option may be a better fit for their needs.

So no matter what project your business is undertaking, all you need to do it get in touch today.  We can assess what you need and offer you the variety of options including brand new items and second hand options so that no matter what your budget, we can find the right solution.

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