Cormac Infrastructure Ltd. Mining Engineers have considerable experience in the open cast mining sector and have designed, constructed and operated various mineral mining operations around the world. Cormac Infrastructure Ltd. Engineers are currently looking to explore opportunities in Africa for mining precious metals (Gold, Platinum etc.) together with larger scale operations such as iron ore and Bauxite deposits.

Examples of the type of work and projects that Cormac Infrastructure Ltd. Engineers have been involved with are;

  • Mine Infrastructure design which includes bulk earthworks, tailings dam, haul roads, storm water attenuation ponds etc.
  • Cormac Infrastructure Ltd. Engineers have operated large opencast mines successfully for many years; producing millions of tonnes per annum and at the end of life of the mine have implemented comprehensive remediation programs.
  • Construction of a Gold mine infrastructure project in Burkina Faso which included Construction of Processing Plant, Construction of a 5km x 12m high Dam, Tailings Dam 1km x 7m high, and a 50 km access road.

The design and construction of mine haul roads using the latest chemical stabilisation techniques to provide a low cost alternative to traditional road designs.



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